The company

In 1992, after spending several years collaborating for various large Cooperages, Valéry Desfrieches, son and grandson of distillers, decided to return to the “Auge Country”, his homeland, to set up a small business named the “ Tonnellerie du Pays d’Auge”.

Specialising in large storage capacities, each item is manufactured on the spot (all sizes combined).
Prior to manufacture, every barrel or tun is subject to individual analysis.
Not only do we manufacture, but we are also able to restore your old barrels and vats.

The wood employed

  • The oak used at our Cooperage comes from mature French forests.
  • Strictly selecting the wood type ensures enhanced quality for the resulting wines and spirits. Oak is also known for its aroma and tannin properties.
  • This is ensured by piling up the barrels in the open air for several years in order to dry.

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